My Life.............
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2001-09-30 22:40:02 (UTC)


I still have my nephew, i thought my freakin brother would
have picked him up by now!!!!!! he better get here before
8, cause thats when i have to take my walk, im not taking
A. with me, im not pushing that stupid stroller! he better
get his ass here!
Im thinking about Jeff, im so worried what hes going to do
when he gets that letter, maybe i shouldnt have sent it.:(
my friend, A. said " I cant believe you mailed it" she was
with me when i did, she should have said something then,
cause i had doubts about sending it !! sheesh!!!!!! maybe
Jeff will just throw it away, if i get email from him or
that Sandi i wont answer it! ill just put it in Jeff's mail
I am so freakin bored! nothing to do on here and i cant
watch t.v cause A. will have a fit if i turn his cartoons
over, God, i wish my brother would get here!!!!!!!