Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-30 21:13:49 (UTC)

Spirit Week

Okay, every school has it, and mine goes way over board,
but maybe i will participate a bit this year, i mean, i am
a senior and i gotta have a little fun right? for the "buy
a varsity or senior" day, i was thinking of buying Ryan
Brand, and making him wear a dress. maybe fishnets, and
make up, lots of glitter, make him be the person that i
would hate to be! ohh the evilness i can think of! but it
would be fun. I am not sure if i would rather ba bought and
made to look increadibly odd, and not me, or wear a toga,
which isnt really my thing either. I think they would both
be fun, but we are going to forget i said that. Yeah, mon
is western day, and tues is duo day, me and emily want to
be the skanky hoes, and i cant remember what the rest are.
^shrugs^ i will find out!