Visions Of Life
2001-09-30 20:56:33 (UTC)

*shutters* I Feel So Dirty..

Eeeew.. This 14 year old boy is obsessed with me! He is
always telling me about these sordid fantasies he has about
me... *shutter* Eeeew.. What the fuck.. I feel so dirty! I
mean, what did he do, bribe his babysitter for a picture of
me or something.. damn... *shutters* I mean, I like em
young but this is ridiculous.. wait.. what am I talking
about.. I dont like em young.. lol.. I hate children and
teenagers.. Hmmmm... Guess my lil rantings last night about
Disney, Native Americans and 15 year old girls wasnt too
helpful on the mind.. lol..

The other thing bothering me.. All those perverts online
who message me with unoriginal shit like, what are you
wearing right now, and, do you want my dick inside you?. I
mean, come on.. I think I have around 100 guys on my ignore
list.. I mean, I refuse to talk to someone if they cant
even be original.. Now, a good evil friend of mine is like
the perfect example of the things you should say if you
want me to acknowledge you..

" what if i came over to your house, tied you down, beat
you up a little and pissed on you? With some sex in the

*falls out of her chair, laughing* lol... actually.. few
people could say that to me and not get hurt.. lol..

But seriously.. Be nice and non perverted and I will like
you.. Especially if ya compliment my writing.. lol

Now, this entry has no point but oh well.. makes me think
about last nights conversations.. snakes, mochasins, beads,
wilderness, disney songs, lollipops, playgrounds, fallen
angels.. etc etc.. lol.. Im going to hell.. Im just waiting
for satan to come and rape me or something..

Hmm.. with that thought I leave you for now.. byebye..
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