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2001-09-30 20:48:00 (UTC)

The Surprise Party

Yesterday was one of my best friends surprise b-days. It
was soooooooooooo fun, but a lil weird, my best guy friend
was all over me.... IN FRONT OF HIS GIRLFRIEND! and she is
like my best friend at school, so of course I felt like
shit, but anyway I'm not gonna give u every single little
deatil of when he slapped my ass or held my hand, just the
thing that really made me wonder, does he like me or her.
OK here's the thing. My friend who the party was for lives
in a mansion, and the stereo to the whole house is on the
3d floor (she has like 6 floors) the party was on the 2nd
floor, when my guy friend and I went up stairs to change the music
there was a bathroom at the top of the stairs, but since all her
walls are purple with like little gold crack thingys on it, and
there wern't that many lights on, it was pretty dark. when
we got to the bathroom I checked my self in the mirror(I
was wearing my guy friends hat,lol)then he pushed me in and
I closed the door, just joking. then he pushed me againts
the closed door, unconsiencely I put my arms around him,
then we both realized it was getting weird, especially
since his girlfrind/my best bud at school was right down
stairs, waiting for both of us to return. I opened the door
like nothing had happend and went down stairs.I had been
standing at the bottom of the stairs when he came around
the corner (at the top of the stairs) he came down and
right as he got to me he stopped. I could smell his
abercrombie colone and smell his minty gum. he just sort of
smiled, I in return F*cked up the WHOLE MOMENT! I grabed
his ding and he winced and fell to the floor, good job
meg.After words he was like "it's ok meg, u didn't mean to
hurt me" we had to tell everyone that I had by
accident "hit" his "manhood" I was embarresed as all hell,
but i got over it. When I was on may way home from the
party, I smelled his hat,lol It smelled just like him.
Abercrombie colone and his house.

anyway ttyl I LUV FEED BACK(liek what the hell am i gonna
do about my guy friend)

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