2001-09-30 20:32:14 (UTC)

In love, perhaps.

I haven't really been able to say that I *loved* someone
before. Really loved them, everything about them. I have
this sexual relationship with a guy at work, he's got a
girlfriend, and basically all thats there is the sex.
Another guy that I just can't even begin to describe how
great and understanding he's been for me over the past
So why is it so hard for me to find anyone thats available?
Chris has a girlfriend, and Ryan lives in Canada.. neither
of those would work anyway, I'm waiting and waiting and
waiting, and everybody tells me "jeez Katy, you are so
cool, and nice and.. " blah blah blah, I'll believe it when
I see it.
Anyway, I feel like nothing good is ever gonna happen. I'm
a cutter... I cut last night.. after not doing it for a
long time too.. I dunno whats happening anymore.. Anyway,