Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-09-30 20:13:23 (UTC)


She's empty and so beautifull, I'll keep her her with me.


I'm REALLY pissed off now.

Kim, Jemma (AsslickingCUNTS) have decided they're
doind "Bootiliciouss" or what ever the hell it's called.
It's a crap song anyways, it makes no difference how it's

Anyways..they've done the damned dance..practiced it
together, in secrecy, AFTER we'd all decided to do the
freak song.
So, I refuse to dance to it and am now officially NOT
speaking to them, dancing with them, or even noticing them.

It's bad enough that we had to dance, it's bad enought
ther are cameras, it's bad enought that we get graded for
this piece of shit.