Absolute Mayhem
2001-09-30 19:38:55 (UTC)

much better

wow. last nite kicked ass. lol. it was bittersweet in one
way. well, i was supposed to go hang out with some people
including nick africano (sp?) anywho, my parents said no, i
had to go wtih them to el paso for our family's weiner
roast. dont get me wrong, i luv my fam, but sheesh!
so my mom told me i could bring my friend tiffanie from
washington but she couldnt go since she was grounded. so i
called adam...hold on. let me backtrack.
friday nite, i was online around 8 and talking to adam
about our feelings and what we wanted to do. he asked if he
could call me and i said yes. so we talked about it until
11:58 PM. (i only got off cuz my mom pulling in the drive)
and we kinda figured out some stuff. we thought that
friends with benefits sounded good for now...but we didnt
like actually put the idea into cement. ok now back to
anywho, i called adam to see if he wanted to go
(actually i left a message on his voicemail at work) and he
called me back and said thatd he'd like to go. we picked
him up. the car ride into el paso was a little weird...i
mean you got my parents in the front of the car and then me
and adam in the back...ow ow! lol. well adam and i hung out
all nite roasting hotdog..playing with my 6year old cousin
jake outside in the dark until i ran into a bird feeder.
lol. (her yard is huge..a couple acres with a lake and
everything). well we got tired of running around so we went
downstairs to play pool. i almost beat adam..except i
scratched on puttin the 8 ball in. then jake beat adam
(seriously he did!) and then we were both tired so we tried
to get rid of jake for awhile. we layed down on some
blankets and carpet under this rack of clothes (dont ask)
lol. and tried to rest and ended up talking about us. adam
says hes kinda given up on tara, and he seems content with
us. we have decided to stay friends "with beneifts" for
AWHILE, to see how it goes (so far, very good). and well go
from there. anyway, jake came down after awhile, wanting to
play hide and go seek, i gave in, i know im a softie. and
we played in the DARK BASEMENT ;-). lol. shut up allie, you
pervert, i know what your thinking. lol. jk. anyway, jake
finally left at like 9 so adam and i just laid there in
each others arms just chillin like a villain and wel....ill
just leave it there for you. lol. anyway, i can definately
say im falling for adam green. (AH!). lol. well. i might as
well go. i have to study for my tests tomorrow. ttyl. luv,