canada VS america
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2001-09-30 19:24:04 (UTC)

What a 16 year olds partys like....

Well i will say its not like it was when i was that age.
See mostly what happened here last night was stupid, some
ppl sat around playing silly little drinkin games * i hate
drinkin games* and then some of em lined shots up on the
kitchen counter well i guess you gotta see our kitchen to
really understand how it worked its like a faily large
kitchen with like a breakfast counter smack in the middle
of it and its like oval shaped so what they did was take
tons of shot glasses and lined em up all around it with
different drinks like vodka and whiskey and some apple
pucker then when a # was called you had to go take that
many shots lol like i said lame drinkin games but i guess
if you were 16 it would be fun and something to talk about
today as for me i sat by the stereo drinkin alone LOL once
and a while a couple of ppl would come talk to me but not
to many i was the DJ LOL then i came on there and talked to
ken. I know what most of you guys are thinkin about me and
what all i wrote about but really im pretty normal person
LOL with the exception of being madly in love with ken. Oh
and i talked to Beano and he is slowy getting better after
his accident just to up date you all on that. i havent
talked to sam in a while i dont know where she has been
hiding herself latley so sam if you read that it would be
nice to hear from ya LOL other then that im off to find my
kenny and see what he is up to take care all and if you
send feedback make sure you sign your name LOL hahahha
God bless america and canada