Jenns stuff
2001-09-30 18:52:03 (UTC)

Poem 1- inside

Last night when you returned back home
I heard you were wit somebody else
I couldn't believe you had the decency too

As you hold me ansd kiss me
I couldn't believe it and i didn't want to
but the sparks between us didn't feel right anymore

Inside.. I'm cryin
Inside.. i'm dying
Inside.. My heart is tearin apart

Some times when you hold me
I just want to blurt out and say,
i know what you did to me
then you held me close and told me
that you have something to say

You looked at me
And i knew exactly what you were goin to say
you told me you've cheated behide me
and it's best we not see each other

And then you asked, if we can still be friends
and then i said i well not be able to get rid of this
feelings i have for you

I tried to convince him that we should stay together, but
he do really love the other,
Tears can not make a change
Even if i break down and cry
So I'll keep everything inside

Inside.. I'm crying
inside.. i'm dyin
Inside.. my heart is tearing apart wit out you.

By Jenn

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