A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2001-09-30 18:27:12 (UTC)


I'm afraid to say I'm in love because I just met him. But
if anything, I hope this infatuation will turn into at
least a beautiful friendship. He's strong, burly I guess,
has dark brown hair that last night was tucked under a
baseball cap, baby blue eyes, and the most adorable smile.
He plays football at spartan high. We met last night at
jenny's b-day party at the zoo where she works and I
believe we really hit it off. We have SO much in common. We
both play the viola. We're both pretty good *Though from
what he says hes better*. We both love alternative music.
We both pretty much suck at bowling. *sigh* I shoulda given
him my number or something. But I guess if he really is
interested he could call Jenny and get my number from her.
*prays that hes interested*