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2001-09-30 18:04:58 (UTC)

Confused Again @[email protected]

Okay, now I got a crush on Yama again. grr. Its all
his fault though! For being a nice guy and stuff! Heh, I
looked back on my posts and realized that I didn't exactly
portray him as nice... but he is. Anyways, as for
personality, he can compete with Andrea, but there's
something not there in his personality, also he's a guy so
that makes it hard to actualy date him or anything. I think
i'll get past this confusion, I just need a little thinking
and resting.

Oh also, i've been very yiffy @[email protected] I don't know why but
i'm very horny and I have no one to displace this energy
with. Me and Andrea had to break up, its more of an open
relationship so her dad thinks we broke up and will let her
talk to me again. Even if we were together, we wouldn't do
anything because somehow, when she's around I have control.
Maybe I should go to furabian nights on Furcadia? Nah,
that'd end up bad, maybe I just need to play with myself
until the drive is gone.

Yama is a good friend, he has so many problems so I
didn't tell him my own. I found out last night that even
though he's got troubles, he still wants to hear me out. He
and Midnight say that i'm very mature for my age, and Yama
says i'm the big guy in the group. They say its because i'm
always helping and not asking for anything but a thank you,
but really, the thank you is all I need. I found out I like
to describe places, mostly imaginary ones, so i'll describe
one here :)

My happy place: There is a large green hill, with a tall
ancient tree in the center. The tree's branches spread out
every which way, as if trying to touch the clouds. A calm
misty breeze blows by, making the wide green leaves sway
slowly with the wind. At the base of the tree, sits a
Skunk, he looks calm and happy. At the base of the tree he
feels protected, as if the tree is hugging him, making
everything okay. The skunk looks up to you and
says, "Hello?"

How was that? Hehe