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2001-09-30 17:53:58 (UTC)

what a night 9~30~01

hahaha OMG last night was prolly one of the funnest nights
i have EVER had in my whole entire lovely life!
wow..u guys dont even understand!

heh ok we will start from the beginning...

for the last 2 weeks i have been planning a party for my
buddy stephanie..with the help of Amy and Val.

none of us knew what to get her...and when we asked..she
would always say.."i want something that u looked and
looked for hours until u found "just the right thing" and
are like "this is it!!".
haha niiice for someone who is HARD AS HELL to buy for to
then jokingly one day in telepro class she responded
with "i want a piece of ass for my birthday because im
never gonna get any".
HAHAHA wrong thing to say!

anyways after she said that...i was sitting thinking at the
lunch table with amy and val..and said "we should get her a
thus begins the tale..

shit couldnt have gone more wrong at times then this did.
aside from the fact that its a PAIN IN THE ASS to even FIND
a stripper. *thankyou mr d for helpin me find them in the
and with age factors...a place to have alcohol
we just didnt think we could pull it off.

I talked to a girl i know who has her own house
*stacie*..and she offered to let us have it there...and
even agreed to buy alcohol and help hire the stripper.
making our jobs easy.
therefore we didnt do much planning other than me getting
balloons...and figuring in costs (stripper=130$) and food
and stuff.

ah but then the dagger comes.
Thursday night (the 27th*...less than 48hrs away from this
i call stacie to MAKE SURE everything is finalized..due to
the fact i havent talked to her since she said everything
was pretty well underway.
Ah but no answer.
i later get an email stating that she can "no longer have
it" at her house.
so that left me in the middle of the night...with no place to have alche...and some
girls planning on a party saturday night with no place to
put them.
i would like to express that I LOVE MY PARENTS.

some quick thinking got me to decide i need a hotel room.
after how excited we were and stuff i just wasnt gonna let
this go down the tubes.
so my LOVELY dad loaned me his credit card so i could
reserve a room...and later gave me his licence so i could
put it in his name since im only 17.

at that time it was about 11 at night.
i had the "place to stay" situation covered..even though
that added alot of extra costs we hadnt been planning on.

i had school the next day...but i also had to work the
football game that night and we were leaving alil after 3
so i wouldnt be able to get anything done.
anything i got done..had to be completed before school
friday. *reminder its thursday night..11pm*
so i call my good ole' buddy tman and ask him if he would
mind buyin me some alche and being the LOVELY person that
he is...he was more than happy.
unfortunately..he lives out in cuyohoga falls so i had to
drive out there and back..meaning i didnt get home till
almost 1...and had to be up for school at 5:30.

so i had the place to stay and alche....*more costs i wasnt
planning on*...but still no stripper.

at school the next day me and amy really took it to
planning and decided we just HAD to make it happen.

i left school at 10 to pick up stephanies balloons...and
decided i may as well take a shot at getting a stripper
while i was out.
so i looked up in the phone book again and called ABC D
Dancers and booked a stripper for 20mins for only 90bucks.
heh yay it saved us some $$s!

that pretty much covers the beginning backround of HOW it
happened...even though we were SURE we were gonna get

saturday night came and we were all at the hotel. *which
was supringly nice even though it looked kinda "ghetto" on
the outside.

we had mad ammounts of food. *haha alot came home with us*

lets see...3 different footlong sub
..oh how the list goes on.

stephanie was really antsy....and wanted her present. haha
but it had yet to arrive.

we decided to play some euchre...but considering we played
with vals "naked man" didnt go too far.
haha prolly because it was just really distracting.

soon 8pm came and we were just waiting for my phone to ring
so i could go the guy...get the cd he wanted
me to play...and get this thing going.

by 8:15 we were all antsy..and alil worried that somethin
went wrong..when *Ring ring* there goes the phone.

haha i was like jumping up and down.
we got the camera ready to capture stephs face...and i went
out. *we video taped the whole thing*.
hahaha this cop walked right on in and hand cuffed her and
danced with her and everything.
it was awsome.
i got to dance with him too..and he was Friggin hott!!

lol steph was completely embarassed...and chugged a
mikeshard real fast.
heh shes never drank before so she got pretty dizzy after

it gets alil blurry after that.
i got plastered..and im told at one point threw up.

Our Boy Chris Shrider stopped by and he smelled good.
haha thats all i remember of that.
(good times good times)

i also have a new fave alche drink by the way...
EVERYONE try jack daniels hometown punch
its quite good. *haha we like it..we love it..we want more
of it!!*

we also did get some confessionals on tape.
haha we all admitted who we would bang from our telepro
class...and other much incriminating stuff.

it was just awsome.

on another note
my boy problems are still just that...PROBLEMS!
i do have a date today with ozzy so that could be fun..but
who knowz

ah well im -out- for now