Crazy Thoughts
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2001-09-30 17:45:08 (UTC)

sleep, school, eat, dive, and, that's my life

Hey, sorry it's been a while! Last night Rissa and I did
some shopping and clubbing, we went to like 5 different
clubs and ened up hanging at the orbit room for the
longest. Thank god for fake ids!! It was fun, even though
girls get raped at least once a week there, it was cool.
There were a lot of nasty guys hitting on us though, but
yea, it was fun. We got a couple pina coldas and maragritas
(on the rocks babe!)hehe, Riss, anyhow we didn't get home
till 3 or 3:30 and I felt so wasted!! We were like off the
walls though for the rest of the night. My parents didn't
even notice that Rissa and I had taken off and gotten home
so late! They must have been the ones wasted!! Anyhow,
Rissa and I have to go, I probably won't write again for a
while since my stupid computer doesn't work (we're at
Riss's)Oh Wes and Adam-sorry we weren't around if you
called, I don't think you did. I love ya wes!!
Steph ;-)