Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-30 17:26:34 (UTC)


Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here ! Yesterday night was so much fun ! I
spent the night at steph's house and we went to the mall
and got panties from Vickie's secret and then went club
hopping ! LoL ! It was so much fun ! We went to like 5
different clubs ! We spent most of the time at Orbit room !
Even though a girl gets rapped there like once a week we
still went ! There were all these hot guys talking to us
and dancing with us and hitting on us ! They were all like
drunk or high and they were being so funny ! They were so
cute ! But nothing serious happend with any of them ! They
just fallowed us to a bunch of different clubs ! :) !
Sorry Adam and Wesley if you tried to call we didn't get
home till like ummm 3. haha we were so hyper ! :)!!!!!
Last night I had a dream about Steph , Wesley , me and
Adam !!!! It was like Wesley and Adam came up to visit and
they knocked on the glass door . I was like " Steph do you
here that ?! " steph : " Its an X murder !! " Me: " Get
the door " and so she went and opend the door and was like
screaming and so I as like just lay here and maybe they
will think she killed you ! haha ok well then someone
touched my side and kissed me on the cheek ! and so I was
thinking 'wtf ' I opend my eyes and it was
Adam !!!!!!! :)! So then Wesley and Steph spent the night
in the other room and Adam and I slept together in the
first room ! In the dream he was so warm and sweet and
smelt so fuckin good ! Then they like spent the week with
us and Wesley stayed at stephs house and Adam stayed at
mine ! :)! It was a cool dream ! They went to homecoming
with us too ! Adam took me shopping for a dress and wesley
and steph went pantie shopping for steph ! :) !!!!!!!
hehe ! OK well I have to go cause Steph and I are going to
go to the apple orchard ! :)! fun stuff ! Adam write me
an E-mail and write in your journal !
Love ya all