f.u.c.k.e.d u.p
2001-09-30 17:24:00 (UTC)

Do I stand a chance?

Yes I'm new. I'm nothing special. I just came here to use
this diary so I can write my feelings, I don't see anything
wrong with that, do you?

I am Bro. That is my nickname. Before you ask (who the hell
am I talking to?) I am a girl. I'm also 16. I live in
England, whereabouts? You'll never know.

At this precise moment, I feel bloody ill. Formely known as
a hangover. Silly silly girl. I went out clubbing last
night, it was great, ok not "great" but it was alright.

I want to talk about a lad. His name is John. He phoned me
last night and I was so shocked he phoned me! I haven't
spoken to him for about 6 months. When he phoned me I
thought 'ok who are you??' He explained who he was etc.
Iwas so happy. I had a huge smile on my face. I asked him
how he got my number and he said I didn't want to know!? I
was like oh ok.. He told me Phil gave it him (Instantly I
thought "what Phil has my number?!! OMG!" - You have to
know Phil is a lad who I thought I was in love with. John
and Phil are good mates) but it was a different Phil (a lad
I met through Mason - he fancies me) So obviously they had
a big conversation about me.

One time, I was at my friends and we was slightly drunk and
I happened to blurt out to Phil (on the fone) that I
thought John was fit etc. So this Phil happened to tell
John exactly what he said and he told me. I was so
embarrassed. But hey? I've learned now they'll never know
you like them if you don't tell them.

My title says do I stand a chance? I don't know if I want a
chance. I'm stupid I realise that now. I'm scared to get
close to anyone, I don't like people knowing me...