abby c

wow... that sucks
2001-09-30 17:19:55 (UTC)

last night and today

last night no one was home.... me n kelli were drinkign
alot... haha, she had a half a bottle of wine and 2 beers
and i had that and i chugged soem vodka too... so i was
worse than kel.... alot of ppl were callin us last night

or we were callin them?

i dono, i remember i called ryan and left a messgae on his
machine that was liek "hi i'm callign to talk to aby,
woops! i mean ryan so if you coudl ahve him call me it'd be
great........... " suttin liek that and then he called
me back laughign at me

kel called pete, we were talkign to marc and joe too and
marc was tyrign to tell em that miek and ed got kicked otu
fo their hsue but they are wrong, onyl miek did (soemthign
liek that, cuz hes at matts now)

and kitt?

and i dont even knwo who else...........

ED! i was talkign to ed last night and he kept sayign how i
was outta control and i was sayign no i'm not...a nd then
he was saying how i was lyign or soemthing... i dont know

but he said he was startign over or soemthing... i hoep he
is... i hope hes startign over with me and only me... i
mean, i'm tryign to pretend i dont liek him anymore but who
am i kidding i think about him all day long... and i always
say outloud to myself "aww, i loev you edo" .... its nuts

anyways em n kel left and went out with donovan and lisa
and julianne and shawn and jessica (she ran away on
thursday).......... we went to donovans and someone called
for jess btu at that time she wasn't there and the lady on
the phoen wouldn't believe donovan that eh didn't knwo
where she was and she wanetd to talk to her mom and all of
that......then shawn n jess showed up and then we left for
witches castle or w/e but when we got there there was light
comming from the inside so we ran away and then we were
smokign weed and it was cold outside and we drove home...
me n kel coulda satyed out longer but my dad wouldn't tell
me when he was gonna get home (from fuckin the hairdresser)
so we had to get hoem before 12:30.... but FUCKIN ASSHOLE
DAD didn't get home til 4:30 or so so he sucks balls cuz we
really wanted to go back out!

.....last night was crazy, jill was yellin at me this mornign for the
mess i made, i spilled everthign all over the floor and hit her alot
and spilled beer alot.... noodles were everywhere

now i'm just sittin here listengin to music, kel is here but shes
asleep on my couch... we're hoem alone cuz my dad is out, jill is at
hee's and my mom is still in newjersey......

i want ed to get online somehow or another, i'm not sure if he hooked
up his computer yet ;....( i really want to talk to him

*friday i was at specks and we all went to the movies and
then earl, jeff, steve , n me slept at specks.... jeff
asked me out on saturday mornign but NO. alotta other stuff happened
too, but i'm not gonan be goign on and on forver liek this*

okay bye