Jan's Life
2001-09-30 16:36:18 (UTC)

OKay... well Friday I went over..

OKay... well Friday I went over to Lindsey's and we got
ready for the Tail Gate Party and Football game. And when
we got to the TG party guess who was there in his huge
mobilehome? Yup... Tyler. He was playin football with
Matty. He looked so cute! Ugh... this sucks. Doesn;t it
suck how you can never get what you want? I'm afraid if I
tell him how I feel he'll think I'm some desprete freak!
My pride will be ruined sooooo bad if he figures out how I
feel then there will be totally NO chance in the future.
But then again, what if he feels the same way (doubt it)?
But I don;t evn know if Id go back out with him? Since
he's in High School and I know how he likes to flirt and
all. And I'd never get to see him and If we were goin out
I'd want to spend as much time with him as possible! So I
don't even know what I'm wishing?! I think I just want him
to TALK to me! Be friends with me?! That's more than what
we are now. He doesn;t even tlak to me and it's killin
me. I feel like I knew him soooo well and now its like
he's a totally different person! It's so weird!? I coud
never bring myself to talk to him now. But NEwayz... Mr.
Frounfelter liked my dad's photo's so now I think their
going to have a family porttrait so I think I'll probably
go with him to take the picture... then maybe I'll talk to
tyler then. We REALLY need to become friends tho. How can
someone NOT be friends with someone they LOVE?! God my
life is so confusin! write later