Mr. Dead man

Prattelings of someone fairly insugnific
2001-02-27 05:24:28 (UTC)

I entered High school burned..

I entered High school burned out and tired. I spent
most of my days just shuffeling through, trying to make
things work out the best I could.
While others were enjoying football games and other
such non sence, I was working and trying to scrape out a
living. My sophamore year was the hardest on me. I had no
stomache for high school games that children liked to play.
You know the ones, who's the popular croud, and who's the
loosers. I had to worry about making rent, and keeping my
home. In all that time I had only one friend in the whole
world, and his name was James.
James was the son of one of the city officials, and he
wanted for nothing, save adventure. We had met the year
before,in my wood shop class, and he tried his best to
bully me, until I pulled his face into a lathe that was
spinning rather quickly. He didn't get hurt, that was never
my intention, but the fact that I was willing to rub his
face off his skull impressed him, and we became the two
muscateers. If there was any petty larsony going on durring
the weekend, it was us that did it.
I had a small gathering at my place one night, and
invited him over to it. He was impressed by the fact that I
knew people who had their own place, and such nice party
favors. He tried to make off with some cash he had found in
the bedroom, until I told him who the place belonged to.
To quiet his dis belief, I had my police friend tell
him the story of my short little life, and he stood slack
jawed and buggy eyed. It was nearly beyond his
comprihention. James and I were friends until 1984, when he
went off to join the navy. He signed onto the U.S.S.
ENTERPRISE, since we were both star trek fans, we found
that to be the perfect homage for William Shatner.I saw him
once or twice after he got out, but not for several years
now. Sometimes I miss him.