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2001-09-30 14:48:07 (UTC)

Imagine All the People-John Lennon

I finally took time to download this song, perhaps I should
have just gone out and bought the CD or something. Anyhow,
the point is that I have this song in my possession and I'm
so glad to have done it. Truly this is one of the most
brilliantly done song. The lyrics are so beautifully sewn
together. I wish Lennon were still alive today, I wonder
what he would have sung for this moment?
I think the world create their own problems and blame it on
others. Strangely, people are really weird. Like John and
Yoko's album "Two Virgins." It was very strange for them to
pose nude, but John is right. If people can't just except
the truth then the world will never go anywhere. I can't
believe how true he makes things seems. That everyone is a
pretender, pretending they don't like something or
pretending they don't agree with something, or pretending
they are something when they are not. I know how it is,
because I am one too. I wish I can reach self-realization.
I think there are very few people that can actually do that
in truth.
Well that is all I have to say for now. So I'll get back to


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