random mumblings
2001-09-30 14:17:52 (UTC)

Bliss Blitz

so i went home from work a little early last
night...vicki's car broke down so her boyfriend gave us a
ride home a little early which was cool...so i gave pat and
kev a call to play some video games (we couldn't go out, i
got no $$$ it's the beginning of the month :p) so no one's
home which is cool. so i decide it's gonna be a sit at
home quietly kind of night. then pat calls me up. almost
2 seconds prior to that i had decided that what happened
with pat and her probably worked out for the best, i would
like to think that i wouldn't have done the same thing in
his shoes but i may have :) and she obviously didn't give
a damn about me or else she wouldn't have done it, so why
am i wasting my time. so anyways, he calls me up, says he
was at the casino with his parents (he was up $25 on
roulette too...a little off story, pat has a new
roulette "system" everytime he goes to the
casino...apparently this one worked better than most of
them...one time he was down $800! which may not sound to
like that much, but hey we're not high rollers :) and
wanted to know if i wanted to stop by and play some video
games or whatever. he said kevin wasn't there (he was out
with his girl) so i said fine. perfect almost...i had just
given up being pissed off at the whole situation so this
was a perfect test for it :) so i went over (paranoid as i
am, i pictured me walking in with her giving pat head on
the couch) but it didn't happen. we played a bunch of nhl
2002 (which kicks ass to tell the truth and i don't like
hockey games) he beat me pretty easily at the beginning
but i got better and better...we had a tournament i had
czech republic and he had canada and i beat him for the
gold medal at the end :p i'm pretty sure he let me beat
the usa but whatever. then i crashed at like 3am. the
subject came up, we were very civil...maybe i'm maturing
who knows :) so i slept on the couch there and woke up at
like 9 am and started coming home. just for clarity sake,
there's the big joke that you get a rash from sleeping on
the couch...lord only knows how many people have had sex on
it (not me though) and my hands are getting a little
itchy :) so anyways, i'm on my way home and i bump into my
friend lucas (who says hi) and then i decided to reward
myself with a coffee and a muffin for breakfast from second
cup. so i'm in there and there's no *real* newspapers or
nothing but there is this gay weekly newspaper (x-press or
something, not the one that amanda works on) which are
always good for a laugh so i open it up and start
reading...finally i get to the astrology/astronomy page (i
can never remember which is which) and i read my
horoscope. just to let everybody know, i believe in fate
and astronomy/astrology, etc. etc. it's all meant to be a
joke, but this one i swear to god is done by some gay guy
with half a bottle of scotch in him and a
thesaurus...incoherent sentences and the editor adds in
some random adjectives and verbs to make it half-readable.
none of it ever makes sense...until today

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) : In response to our culture's ever-
rising levels of noise and frenzy, rites of purification
have become more popular. Many people now recognize the
value of taking periodic retreats. Withdrawing from their
usual compulsions, they go on fasts, avoid mass media,
practice celibacy, or even abstain from speaking. WHile I
approve of cleansing ceremonies like this, I believe we
should balance them with an equal and opposite custom : the
Bliss Blitz. During this celebration of wonder, we also
tune out the numbing banality of the daily grind, but
instead of shrinking into asceticism, we indulge in
unhibited explorations of joy, release and expansion. I'm
happy to announce, Gemini, that it's high time for you to
enjoy a Bliss Blitz.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Bliss Blitz.


P.S. this is my last day of my addiction to diet pepsi, if
i become more "random" (ha ha peanut) it is as a result of
the cold turkey. i am not a slave to cola
anymore...starting tomorrow :)