All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2001-09-30 13:01:17 (UTC)

sunday morning

i am so confused. people were supposed to meet me at a
certain place at a certain time so we could all go to
church. the intended events did not transpire. i waited
there for half an hour and decided noone was going to show
up. it seems to me that i have this big inability to
communicate with others of the human species. granted i am
a little ticked, but why the heck does something always go
wrong when i'm supposed to meet people. i got up early,
took a shower, made myself all presentable and now it seems
like for nothing. surely i could have just walked to
church alone, but i would have been late by then and going
to church by yourself is odd in my opinion. i'm tired now
so i'm going to do what makes sense.

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