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2001-09-30 11:28:42 (UTC)

Et voila! cel-ce, c'est mon nouveau journal - c'est chouette, non?

I was going to write my entry an hour ago, but Toby just
rang me and I was so carried away by his lovely compliments
on my ass that I just completely forgot. *sings happily,
runs off into sunset with Toby...*
Anyways yes, this is my new diary, finally managed to find
one that was not fluffy blue and annoyingly pretty, no
one's online to gabble to about Toby and I frankly have
absolutely bugger all to write about on here, apart from
the fact that I should probably be doing
art/english/history/latin. I will probably get off the
internet now and go do something other than fiddle around
with my websites and play pool.
*dances away happily*

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