Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-26 11:58:57 (UTC)

Phil is Gone

He's not gonna be leaving till tommorrow morning... but
today was the last day that I am gonna see my best mate
Philyo for about a month. He's coming back in 2 weeks to go
to a wedding.. but I prolly won't see him when he does. Hmm
well we're al getting on with our lives it seems. I'm not
sad really about Phil going away cos I know that he's doing
something cool with his life and I wish him all the best.
So for that reason I'm happy for him. I went through 6
straight hours of draining lectures today. And to be
honest.. I loved it! Uni still and hopefully always will
kick ass... I've got some realy eccentric lecturers.
They're really great people to listen to and I suppose
they're inspiring in a sort of ecentric-obsessive way. I'm
listening to Cake at the moment "short skirt long jacket".
Cake are very cool.. very funky. I don't know why I've
never bought one of their albums. Fashion Nugget would be
cool to own. Hmm I also don't have the Zwan album... I
should get that. Oh yeah.. work screwed my pay up again
today.. man I hate that bastard place so much! they always
screw me over. I only got paid $40 for a fornight. That's
BS! Man it pisses me off how they screw my pay up all the
bloody time! And they never even say "sorry" for it. they
just make me wait for another 2 weeks when I need the money
for now. Damnit! Anyway.. with that aside I feel quite
happy today... life is very bubbly and messy... but I've
been closing my eyes a lot recently and smiling at all the
good times. I also close my eyes a lot and see a lot of
sweet things coming my way. Life is exciting! THE END.