Randi Lynn

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2003-02-26 11:33:07 (UTC)

I had this "dream" last night..

I had this "dream" last night that my brother, Jimmy, was
chasing me with his car around the student parking lot -
except it wasent that - it was a parking lot with alot of
broken down cars and trees growing in it. So he was chasing
me, and i saw this place he couldnt get me without running
into cars, but i jumped on the tree just in case and pulled
myself up it a bit, which is odd for me because im scared of
heights and i cant climb trees. But he somehow found a way
to hit the tree without denting his car, shaking the tree
over and over againtrying to get me to fall, meanwhile,
somehow, he was managing to get the front end of his car to
go higher up the tree - He was really determined to hit me!
- So I had to climb up even higher, but not fast enough he
hit my leg. But I wasent injured. I mean it didnt hurt at
all. Then I had some odd dreams, and then a dream i thought
was real. Maybe my cat knocked down my dream catcher - he
was attacking it. SOmehow I managed to sleep through him
crying and attacking my 100$ miquito net bed canopy. I mean,
I woke up, but i fell back asleep. i was too tired to get
out of bad and shoo him out, closeing my door behind him. So
tired....when im finished eating breakfast, i think ill put
my contacts in this morning. I have to start wearing them -
If i dont, my mom will probably start getting pissy. She
usually is pissy, anyway. So im gonna go finish my orange
juice, put my contacts in, and yell to my brother so he can
get mad and yell back, he doenst seem to relize he used to
ASK me to yell to him in the morning to make sure hes awake.
But I wouldnt want to be yelled at to be woken up - Id
rather my alarm clock, or someone gently shaking me - But im
not going in his room, and its not my fault he turns his
alarm clock off. - 6:38 AM

I was right, when i hollered to him he said its NOT 6:45 when the
clock on the wall said it was. Stupid me already typed this, but I
oepned another page in the window unknowingly and now i have to type
it again. Its a beautiful day outside. Im at the public library, i
decided to come here from now on wafter school cuz I read all the
good books in the highschool library, and they still have a very
limited selection of books to read. Plus you cant do personal things,
like this, on the computer wihtout getting your computer privlages
taken away from me. And I dont want to make anyone mad or loose the
librarians trust - they like me. I think. Im gonna go look for a book
or something else now. Cant wait for spring. - 1:43 PM

I decided not to post this post because it cuts off continuously, so
instead ill leave ti like this. - 8:16 PM

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