The Perils of Everything
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2003-02-26 09:17:49 (UTC)

Day 5

Well I had both a good and bad day.

First of all I have a very important college test tomorrow.
I'm a senior in high school, but take an accelerated poli
sci class. Well we have 3 tests a semester which make up
our grade. No extra credit, no research papers, nothing
else...just 3 tests. Well the first one is tomorrow. So of
course being me I put off studying until tonight. Well the
good news is that I learned it all! And I understand it!
The bad news is that it's now 1:00 AM and I still have to
shower and get to bed. Of course my test isn't until 12:20
tomorrow, so maybe *hopefully* I can convince my parents to
allow me to sleep in. That probably won't happen tho.

The overall bad news is that I'm seriously hungry, so in
order to get my mind energized and actually be able to
concentrate I had to eat today. I tried to eat enough to
wake myself up, but not too much. So the good news is that
I actually practiced control over food. The bad news is
that I had to eat :(

-Pink Grapefruit Green Tea w/Honey
-3 bites of Strawberry oatmeal(20 calories)

-Cheese crackers(200 calories)
-1/3 a bottle of gatorade(30 calories)

-half a cup of cream soda(70 calories)
-red bull(110 calories)
-jelly beans(150 calories)
-small vegetarian pizza(120 calories)
-1/4 bottle of sobe green tea(56 calories)
-small piece of bread(50 calories)


I'm really saddened at that number, however it's not
1000...which is very good.

I have also discovered a new food! This thin crust,
cheeseless vegetarian pizza. It's from Henry's I think and
it's refrigerated so all you have to do is put it in the
toaster oven for about 3 minutes and you've got yourself a
good meal for only 120 calories! I think that I'm going to
start having this for dinner from now on. I will only drink
water and tea throughout the day and also chew gum, then
aroud 6-7 i will eat this pizza.

So all in all not a good day calorie wise, but a good
studying day. I feel more uplifted after eating. I also
feel really bad about eating and I feel like I've failed,
however it is only because of this test. After my test
tomorrow I will resume my normal ways :)

Tomorrow I will most likely fix a very small sandwich and
soup before my test. I will also drink lots of green tea. I
am going shopping tomorrow for foods so I am off to search
for good foods to get! Also I'm going to get good vitamins!