Meshed Up
2001-09-30 08:18:05 (UTC)

Quiet observation

Reading other people's diaries made me notice one
thing...almost all of them are depressed..or suicidal...or
angry... *sigh* i didn't know there were that many people
in the world who are experiencing problems...problems that
are almost similar to mine. but then..could it be that
these problems are only small things and we just blow them
up and exaggerate them? i don't's just a

we all know how unstable teenagers are. we all know how we
young people can exaggerate stories and problems... i'm not
saying that everyone who writes about their problems here
in this online diary exaggerates, all i'm saying is, maybe
some of us are overreacting to certain things. it's
like...maybe our loved ones just broke up with us and we
act like it's the end of the world...when in reality,
someone else out there is starving..or dying...and for that
person, it is the end of the world.

it feels good to let loose and explode feels
good to let out all our anger and sadness and feels good to be heard...

"acoustic # 3" by the goo goo dolls paints a very clear
picture of teenagers going through tough
times..unheard...depressed...and troubled.

*they painted up your secrets
with the lies they told you
and the least they ever gave you
was the most you ever knew.
and i wonder where these dreams go
when the world gets in your way
what's the point in all this screaming
no one's listening anyway.
*your voice is small and fading
and you hide in here unknown
and your mother loves your father
cuz she's got nowhere to go.
and she wonders where these dreams go
cuz the world got in her way
what's the point ever trying
nothing's changing anyway.
*they press their lips against you
and you love the lies they say
and i tried so hard to reach you
but you're falling anyway.
and you know i see right through you
when the world gets in your way
what's the point in all the screaming
you're not listening anyway.*

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