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my submissive life
2003-02-26 07:39:34 (UTC)

Day of Discipline - #1

This is what i asked him for. Just a friend, nothing sexual. But i needed discipline and i knew it. Having read my diary he was already aware of my tendancies. i asked him if he would be my disciplinarian, if he would punish me for my infractions. He agreed but with conditions: i write a list of infractions and punishments, at the end of each week i would read him my infractions and the agreed upon punishments, i must accept my discipline without complaint or the deal would be terminated, and finally - each week he could give me one non-sexual order that i must follow and as thank you for being my disciplinarian. The deal was made.

1. For failing to give myself an enema i will receive 10 strokes from the cane on my anus. i strip, stand with my back to you, spread my feet at least 3 feet apart, bend at the waist, reach back and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. The cane comes down along the crack of ass, i momentarily lose grip of my cheeks. "That one will not count, if you let go again, we will start again at 1." Yes Sir. Each of the ten lashes bites my anus; i am crying but you don't care. On to the next lesson.

2. For falling behind on my reading i will receive one lash on my ass with the belt for each page - this week 108. i bend over the back of the sofa, legs spread wide, and begin counting. The belt lands hard and fast. i'm crying by the 20th stroke. i keep counting and crying. The belt lands without mercy - that was deal. i need this and i know it. By the last stroke i am out of breath, i am sent to stand in the corner for a 20 minute break.

3. For not going to the gym on 3 days i will endure weight training. i attach painful clamps to my nipples with a chain connecting them. The weights have hooks on them and one by one you hang them from the chain, stretching my tits painfully. It hurts so much i start crying that i can't hold anymore. You ignore me and continue adding weight until you are satisfied. i bend over at the waist and hold my arms behind my back. Upon your command i bend further down until the weights are an inch above the floor, then i straighten until my body is only slightly bent. For missing three days at the gym i must lift the weights with my tits a total of 30 times. If i don't lower or raise them far enough you make me repeat the lift again. My tits are on fire but your emotionless eyes don't seem to mind.

4. For dressing like a slob i will accept humiliation and discomfort. i spreader is placed in my mouth holding it wide open as if expecting dental work. My face looks deformed already but this is just the begining. A nose hook it attached to my nose, pulled up and over my head, then tied to my ponytail - you call this my pig nose. i stick my tongue out and you attach a clothespin to it. You write "SLOB" on my forehead in dark red marker. Rope is tied around the based of my tits until they are large swollen mounds. Two fat dildoes are lubed with Bengay and shoved into my pussy and ass. A vibrating butterfly is put on my clit. i am hogtied and left squirming on the floor. You stand above me with an electric wand and begin to systematically shock the soles of my feet, my sides, my thighs, my back, my ass, and my tits. i endure this for 24 minutes - symbolic of one day.

5. For not cleaning my apartment i get a full-body whipping. With the yard stick i get 10 lashes on each of the following areas: on the palms of my hands, the soles of my feet, my already sore ass, my cunt, my tits, my stomach, the backs of my thighs, the insides of my thighs, and the tops of my thighs. You then shove the handle of the toilet brush up my ass and have me hold it there while standing in the corner for another 10 minutes with a bar of soap in my mouth.

After accepting my weekly punishment i await your one order. They tend to vary greatly depending on your mood - sometimes you want something for yourself such as a back rub or a tougue-foot massage; sometimes you want to hurt or humilate me more - such as an over-the-knee spanking, having me write "fat cow" on my body before going out each day that week, giving my clit a few shocks with the electric wand, or having me wear a butt-plug one day; other times you are simply cruel because you can be - such as prohibiting me from masturbating for the entire upcoming week, urinating on me, making me crawl around the apartment while you watch, having me bring a bottle of my own urine to school and drinking it during class, or not being allowed to eat my favorite food all week.
Such is the price i pay for discipline.