Writings On The Wall
2001-09-30 07:54:38 (UTC)

Today was actually worth waking up.

Today was pretty cool - Woke up, got ready, and soon Loni
and Tina were on their way to get me to go to Grounds. Tina
had never been there before so she didn't really know what
to expect and she told me to point out all the gay guys so
she didn't accidentally hit on one of them. I tried to tell
her THEY'RE ALL GAY! LOL! Sebastian was there and he
brought his laptop and he was looking at P-star (Or "P* ",
my abbreviation for porn) on it. It was interesting. Joey
was there, this time not in drag. He was lookin hella cut
with his lil' glasses on! He was all sad toward the end so
he and I had a little chat. I love that little boi! Anth
and Nicole came, and I got to meet Bena. Adrienne was in a
good mood tonight so that was good. Loni commented about
the absence of the condoms in the bathroom. LOL I told her
there haven't been any for a right good while. I got a
drink I have never gotten B4, I think it's called Mary
Maguire? It's something Maguire. It was orgasmic. I will be
getting that more often.

It was a lil' chilly (or a tit bit nippley) out tonight. We
have a cold front coming through. I actually had a
justified reason to wear a sweatshirt! I usually wear them
in 80° weather! Everyone was decked out in long sleeves. It
was cool.

After that we (Me, Loni and Tina) went to Ybor and I went
to a club for the first time. Loni says that was way
overdue. We went to Frankie's Patio cuz there was no cover.
(Yes, we are cheap bastards. LOL) Loni and Tina were
dancing and I was just kinda standing there watching. But
then rap came on so I did a lil' bootie dancing. I was
trying to get all these guys to dance with me but every one
of those SOBs dissed me. I was like "Bump this." Eventually
I went and sat on the couch with the other losers that
can't dance and I watched these chix flash these guys from
the armed forces. And they like took down there pants and
showed their thongs and were rubbing their asses in the
guys' faces. Tina's pants ripped while she was dancing. She
went down too low. Hehe. Me and my trusty Khakis didn't
have to worry about all that BS. Then we went to Broc's and
Loni and I just basically went into Jon's room and talked
the whole time. Tina was watching Broc and Jmo play video
games. Broc has a hoop in his septum (in the nose like
bulls have) and I heard him sneeze and I though *Gee, I
wonder what that feels like. I wonder if it moves.* LOL.
That'd be... odd.

So now I'm home and I have to be up in like 4 1/2 hours so
maybe I oughtta go to bed? Yeah, maybe.

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