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2001-09-30 07:40:51 (UTC)


"i just needed someone to talk to
you were just too busy with yourself
you were never there for me
you were never there for me to express how i felt
i just stuffed it down"
--FADE by Staind

its saturday night once again, and what am i doing? sittin
here in front of my computer writing in my diary. how
pathetic. im tired, so so tired, but i cant sleep. i dunno
why. wtf is wrong with me?

here i go again, bitchin bout myself. im gonna stop. im
turning into tajana. im starting to be scared of being
alone, being by myself, being alone with my thoughts.

hmmm ... i've never gotten this worse before. being alone
has never given me an urge to cut me before. why do i feel
like doin it now?

im scared to go in my room cus my cutter's there right by
my bed. im scared i might end up doing something stupid.

damn ... i shouldve save that bottle of Mike's Hard
Lemonade i got from nick. i shouldnt have drank it all last
thursday. i shouldve saved it for today.

i need to drink...