Inside me
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2001-09-30 07:31:02 (UTC)


last night i had a dream of that guy i like from school and
we were seeing eachother but he didn't seem happy when he
found out i was only looking for an emotional relationship
verses physical. I guess I can't hold that against him
since he didn't actually say that since I don't actually
talk to him. :)
He's so cute. I have to find a way to talk to him. I'll
probably lose interest before I find a way..but maybe not
since I liked him once when I was really young....and then
once again in junior high...and now in university. Maybe
this is a long term thing.....maybe I should let him
know..maybe not..that'd be dumb..way too dumb.
Maybe I should accidentally walk into him or drop my books
on his feet and apologize and then hope he picks them up
for me and asks me to be his girlfriend while he's at it.
Somehow I don't think thats likely to happen. Somehow I
think I'm being un-logical. Am I? *sigh*

"..maybe your luck has changed...settle down...maybe i'm
just deranged and on the rebound....maybe love was the
thing holding me back from all? Maybe i'm just the thing
to break my own fall...
take the rope to my heart and fall....You may just be the
last before you see the black tangled heart fall...maybe
departures good..makes room for more...start to mass
produce for a chance to ignore....maybe you'll kill
yourself before i get a turn? Maybe I"ll fall in love and
never learn...." - Daniel Johns

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