Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2001-09-30 07:06:25 (UTC)

Rants & Tea Bags...

Bah! I say.... BAH!

Oh the angst... mine own heart hath betrayed me...
whoa to me... I am so very sorry... but, I must put myself
out of your misery...

Bah... You know, i have several boxes of tea in my
cupboards, but I don't drink tea, in fact, I hate tea... alot,
and since I rarely invite anyone over, I don't know why I
have any... how odd...

I have often wondered why it is, that we who have thier
own places, buy things that we never eat/drink... it's so
weird, when our parental units buy things, we go "aww,
but I wanted...." and yet, when we are all on our own, we
buy things, we never use... I bought tea, and honey, I
never use either... ever....

Speaking of food, I really need to stop eating poorly, I
think I am too fat, well actually any fat, is bad.. it leads to
things like diabetes, and it's just not healthy... anyone
care to venture why it is that I know this, but I am
thinking of getting some cheeseburgers from McDicks?

No idea? Me niether....

Well, talk about an interlude... my ranting about nothing,
and the world just keeps going...

I watched enterprise the other day... the newest "trek
drek" and I have to say, I am impressed... and I am a
very big critic... At first, I didn't like the uniforms, still, they
fit, nicely, and the opening theme song, gah, don't much
care for it, but it works... the dialogue is good too... they
seem to have all the token cast members, 1 black
male, 1 asian female, 1 female empowerment role, 1
alien who represents "the weird", I really like the token
"tit's ahoy" vulcan who is not bad looking, maybe they'll
give her something to do in the series,a nd the other
woman too, I really hate it when they don't do anything
with them.. like Troi and Dr. Crusher, Kes and Torres...

But, all said and done... Enterprise looks damned good
so far...

Lux et umbra vicissim, sed semper amor....

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