as the Oval turns
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2001-09-30 06:52:39 (UTC)

What the......

Please tell me why I spent the first part of my day with
Pacey of my own free will?

Today I got up, and I was going to hang out with Jenna and
Nichelle until my father came to town with my car. But I
couldn't track them down, and on top of that, I found out
from one of my IM buddies that the OSU-Indiana game was
already on. So since I knew that Pacey was intent on
watching it, I called him to see if I could come over to
his place to watch it, just to have a little company. Come
to find out, he was by himself watching it, and he was cool
with me coming over there. So we watched the rest of the
game, eating lunch together in the commons at halftime as
well. It's weird. I just don't give a care anymore, to be
honest. Pacey's my friend. Yes, he's done some mad dirt,
but at the same time, I haven't been the world's greatest
friend to him either. However, even through all that we're
still tight...that's got to count for something. It's his
last year, and although I do get the feeling that it's
nowhere near the end, I don't want to take our time
together for granted. Maybe I'm sentimental, I don't
know. I do know that although I'll be hard-pressed to
admit it publicly, I do love Pacey, surely as a friend, but
yes I do love him.

I went out driving w/my dad today. It was cool b/c I
haven't seen my dad in a grip and it's cool spending time
with him. My folks got me this really cool light blue VW,
but I needed to learn how to drive it b/c it's standard
transmission. So that was interesting. It was unnerving
b/c at first I kept popping the clutch, jerking the car,
and stalling out. Now it's not as bad, although we're
going out again tomorrow (or later on this morning) to do
the can't be that bad. It's a really nice's little, blue, unique, and European. It's so me.

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