Reality Bites
2001-09-30 06:41:04 (UTC)

What a day

Hey today was alright..I went shopping and got THE GREATEST
homecoming dress and the PERFECT shoes to match. WoW! I got
lucky! After I got home from the mall it was lke 3:30 so
Alyssa came over and we chilled for awhile and while she
was there B called and he was like, "Me and Sam can come
over at 7" and I was like Noooo! can you come sooner? Im
babysitting at 6 and I hella wanna see you!! And he couldnt
so I was sad, but Alyss and I might go down and see him
tomarrow anyways. I think he was mad at me or something,
but I can't figure out why..he always gets mad at me over
things, I cant figure out if I deserve it half the time,
but I guess I must. I really wanted to see Sam too! He is
SO cute!! Oh well, everything happens for a reason. Then I
talked to Jenn, Dan, Rob, Kate and Erik before I went to
babysit. One of the kids I was babysitting for freaked out
cause he didnt want to go to bed and locked himself in the
bathroom...I was trying to do homework and I was so over
it...I just called his parents I was like WHATEVER! I dont
need this! haha. So they came home and brought me home like
2 hours after I got there, and still paid me $40 for only 2
hrs, so that was cool. When I got home Jenn called so I
talked to her for like an hour, OMG! We kept laughing about
so much stuff! I was like crying I was laughing so hard!
Then Rob called at 9:30 and I talked to him til 11, which
reminded me so much of when we were younger, it was so

I've heard from like 5 people that my friend Mark who's a
yr. older than me was telling all these people how we used
to be really good friends, and he misses it and thinks Im
still hella cool. I was like Awww! He and I used to be so
close, its just he went to highschool a year b4 me and we
made differnent friends...but lately Ive been friends with
some of the same people he's friends with...No one believed
that we were friends, they were like WHAT?!? That makes me
mad cause I know that this bitch Laura was saying it and
it's like SHUT UP LAURA NO ONE LIKES YOU! haha. I mean I
hate to be mean, but she seriously has nothing good to say
about anyone...She didnt actually say anything bad about
me, but people said she got close to it. I was like
whatever...Jenn told me that after Mark was talking about
it that he got sorta distant like he was thinking, and then
later Alyss told me the same exact thing, I was like aww! I
miss him, even though I see him every day, I never SEE
him...does anyone understand? Everyone thinks I should just
go up to him and be like "Mark! I miss you we should hang
out and catch up me!" I dunno, I might. I hella
miss him...what do you think? haha no one reads this so I
dont expect an answer, but Im confused. People dont care
about Mark like I do, they dont take the time to get to
know the real him...I had 4 yrs to know him...and I DO
care. People party with him and shit, but its not the same.
I dunno...aww! now im all like sad. i should go to bed, Im
tierd, im like falling asleep.

Hey! Em! I hope you had fun at Homecoming!!! You HAVE TO
fill me in!!!!!!!!!