There's life down below me though.
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2001-09-30 06:03:53 (UTC)

Me ME mE

So... I'm 19 years old, vital and desirable.
There is no reason that at this status, young people should
feel so insecure about themselves. Sometimes I think that as
older and more mature adults, these insecurities will pass,
but the more I think on that, the more I think that we would
just get more set into our insecurities. Our minds less
open, a greater need to lock ourselves into some strange set
of indosyncratic ways.

But as it is, I'm pretty attractive, it's all going down
hill from here. I'm in good shape, healthy, active
physically and intellectually, ... I have a schedule and a
real life with substance to it.

Basically I should just be remembering to embrace this life
that I am so lucky to have right now. I'll work on that.

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