Ducky the Lesbian

useless ramblings of a crazy duck
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2003-02-26 04:32:44 (UTC)

im a sucky diary writter

my word it has been like a couple of weeks or somethign
since i have had a chance to put something in this diary..
sorry.. things are piling up with school as usual but im
makin it.. im truckin along.. im pushin forward.. in the
past couple of weeks i have seen all kinds of people that i
havent seen in years which has been awesome.. b/c with the
stress of school it is always great to see friendly faces..
bad news is on top of all of this school stuff.. i am
getting sick.. and i got a toothache soo my head has been
killin me for a couple of days... i just wnated 2 write you
all and let you know that i was ok... and that i was makin
it.. things are just crazy around here
tha Duck