Visions Of Life
2001-09-30 05:19:27 (UTC)

Walking Through Sprinklers With Your Clothes On...

Ya know that feeling? When the moon is out, all is still
except for the soothing rhythm of the sprinkler.. You
glance around to see if anyone is watching, and once you
realize that you are alone, you take two steps into the
water. You close your eyes and for that one moment, you are
the master of the universe. You are queen of the water and
nothing can ever hurt you again.. Well.. thats kind of what
it feels like when you reach a new level of conciousness..a
new way to look at things.. And, ironically, it all began
with a sprinkler.. and the moon..

Okay.. after torturing myself for weeks over what to do and
all of that bullshit, my mind started working in mysterious
and typical Tina ways.. Ya know, I am not normal, despite
what people may think.. I have decided that school is not
the right path for me right now. I will stay in psycology
which starts in a few weeks but am dropping the rest of my
classes.. Now, I am quite aware that I just wasted a
shitload of money but I dont really care.. I dont want
money.. Unlike alot of people, I dont want some large
house in the mountains with horses and servants and all
that bullshit.. Id be happy owning a condo, having a cat, a
turtle and my computer..

The next thought came from a depressed mind but blossomed
into something different.. Kind of related to the previous
paragraph about money.. I was making a list of what I
needed to do before I can die.. A couple things I came up
with were publish a book and skydive.. Now, I probally cant
skydive till spring which ensures I will still be around
for a few months.. lol.. come on.. laugh!! lol.. anyways..
Now. publishing a book is hard.. unless you pay for the
publishing.. which with some small publishing companies is
around $300.. I dont care about making money off of a
book.. I just want something that says, "here I am and I
have something to say".

Another random and bizarre thought... What if I became
president in like 30-40 years.. EEK!! I doubt anyone would
vote for the poor, strange, liberal chick.. lol.. But if it
happened Id probally ditch the bisexual thing and become a
lesbian.. And then Id get some goth little lesbian
girlfriend and freak the nation out.. Of course,I'd be assassinated
by some conservative republican asshole..But, if I managed to live
four years then I
could bribe me some votes by promicing horny middle aged
guys pictures and videos.. *wink wink* lofl.. ahhh.. I need
to lay off the pills.. lol..

I had other revelations but I cant discuss them now and probally wont
post them..

Ta Ta for now..