2003-02-26 03:25:52 (UTC)

what a day

alright today was a really crappy day for the most part.
real late last night som guy showed up starting a bunch of
crap with nick, talking about how he's gonna kick the crap
outta him and all that crap, i'm not gonna get into all
that. so i only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night plus a
boring day at work. my grandmother also went in for
surgery today. i felt like i could tear down my whole
house and not care. i needed to get out so a friend came
over and we drove over to my church. i got in the church
and started doing some hardcore praying. praying for
everything, my grandma, friends, that those guys don't
show at my house again, family, for my Damian and myself-
for our happiness, we both care so much for each other and
i know he's the one for me. i've never been so sure of
anything in my life. i am so tired tho so i'm not gonna
write anymore in this entry. song="Breakdown"-Relient K