An American Soap
2001-09-30 05:13:14 (UTC)

Season's are changing!

The chilly fingers of Fall are being felt by the trees and
me. I have to keep reminding myself not to shoot the
messenger... for that is what I think Fall is.. a kiss and
promise of both what was.. and what will be.

The change from Summer to Autumn seems very appropros for
the feelings I have regarding both the states of the USA
and my life. In fact I see a strong simile between what
happened in NYC and what's happened in my life. We, my
country and I, both suffered from complacency. We both are
still paying a heavy price, still mourning and we both have
had our futures irrevocably altered by senseless
terroristic attacks! The similarities fade away though
when I attempt to compare my country's response to my
response. I STILL second guess my choice of response.

There has been one shared response though and I send its
message both to Bin Ladin and to the man who taught me what
terrorism meant on a one to one level. WE WILL NOT
will see that JUSTICE is served!