2001-02-27 04:42:54 (UTC) and blue. moving on and
farther down the road i feel the purples and green coming.
as my throat is engulfed by a foreign substance which
occurs when i am stressing. i yak and let it all out. the
fries mixed with potatoe salad and all the junk i have yet
to release. it lies in front of me and my mouth tastes of
this horrible bitter distinctive taste which makes me want
to let more out but i move away and walk to the bathroom
where i look into a mirror. o the mirrors are everywhere
and i see the suffering of the world in me. but why me? i
do not suffer like thee. i am just a girl a girl who was
sent here to be free. to live life and emancipate and do
what thou wilt. i was sent here set here. am i really here
to carry the troubles of the world with me and feel the
sorrows of all. i am a small girl here to feel the pain of
a million men alone? alone. forever to feel the pain and
sorrows. alone. alone to feel the pain and sorrows?

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