The UnEven Eye
2001-09-30 04:53:56 (UTC)

Mickey Please pass this on. I won't have the time too.

12:29:48 AM

Well parting is such sweet sorrow. When you have
more to lose then to gain. I think,I can end this all
now. With a few words, I can end this all.

I. I would like to say thank you. For those who cared for
me. Learned to listen and take my advice every now and
then. You might be the wiset people I meet after I'm
gone. Hell you are the wiset people I have met.

II.I'm going for a ride. Sorry to say I won't be back
this time. I mean it above all. I got my note ready,and
the final email my sister will send. As it tis my
final request Of you all to read it.

III. I'm sorry for being an "Whole Ass" I never meant
it. I know I'm rotten. I can't help it. I'm selfish too.
A brat. Thats why i'm cheating, and giving up.

IV. You are all great people. Even though I mock you
and make fun of you. I do it out of admiration.
Specualation, that you all hold my deep and true
respects. Something I thought no human could every get
from me.

V. I'm dreadfully sorry. I never spent more time with
you. I think all this has finally got to me. I amounted
to little to control it. But thats how life is. Bites
you in the ass. Because it can, and makes you wish to
die in a several times in one life.

VI. I have always wondered what Death was like. Hard and
cruel cold. I guess. I wonder what will happen to my
brain. That people have praised with for my intelgence.
Just the curious things that makes people do them.

VII. Matt once said " What does music sound like right
before you commit sucide... " I can't remember the rest.
Go figure, he finally says something i can rememeber. *g*
Oh well. He is wise. Though he can't spell for dog shit
like me. I have a good answer " Right before you put that
gun to your head. You hear nothing. Only the stuff
that races through your mind. The pains and cries of
anguish. That final absoultion. One we find in death.
Other than that, what is there. Other than that bullet
crushing the side of your skull. And that one last pain
filled scream" Thats what you hear.

VIII. My car is here. The one I'm going to total. Maybe
I will be a D.O.A. Then I won't need this gun. Life is
great. Just dandy.

IX. I'm sorry for the disturbance I caused you all. I
never meant any of it. All accidents. Leading to this
final, Climax. Death.

Farewell. Have a great life.