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2003-02-26 02:22:07 (UTC)

long time no write

so its been a while, ive been busy. i had an amazing
weekend spending 16 hours with winnie on saturday and
another bunch o time with her on sunday. though we saw
daredevil which really really dissapointed me. it was
horrible. then its been school as usual for two days where
i believe i may actually have all as and bs for the first
time in my life. good times. but then today stuff crashed.
i got a flat tire from a screw, and my brother is currently
in the emergency room where we believe he has a broken
wrist. oh well, what can you do.

starlostcompass: ;-)
ktwq8199: haha
ktwq8199: yep
starlostcompass: i popped a tire toda
starlostcompass: y
starlostcompass: it sucked
ktwq8199: aww
ktwq8199: that's awful
ktwq8199: where were u?
starlostcompass: school parking lot
starlostcompass: i looked at the tire after taking it off
to find a nice big screw all the way into the tire
ktwq8199: yea i popped a tire the last day of midterms
starlostcompass: doh
ktwq8199: and i was in front of monica's house
ktwq8199: ugh
ktwq8199: big screws suck
ktwq8199: my big dick

damn women with giant dicks.
so i think i may steal winnies idea and start putting
lyrics in every entry from now on. though this one will be
at the end.

Close your eyes, you're beautiful when you're sleeping
Tonight may all your dreams come true.
It's so nice to hold you while you're sleeping
When I'm sleeping next to you

And what we got is something special,
And what we are is a perfect match,
And three-thousand miles can never come between us
No matter what we do it's always you and me
And it's always me and you.

I know sometimes it's lonely while you're sleeping,
Well it's lonely for me too.
It's alright just know that while I'm sleeping
That I'm dreaming of you

And what we've got is something special
And what we are is a perfect match
And three-thousand miles can never come between us
We always have the stars to wish upon from where I'm at,
And where you are.

Goodnight, love

juliana theory-goodnight starlight

thats deffinately winnie and me. esp since we were passed
out on the couch on saturday and id look at her while she
was sleeping and she was absolutely beautiful. its a good
song. good times.

maybe once i have some more conversations saved ill put
some funny ones up, but i just got DEADaim working so
thatll be in a little.