my manic world
2001-02-27 04:39:39 (UTC)

that sucked, ggrr.....okay,..

that sucked, ggrr.....okay, starting over now


spilling over and rolling down rosy cheeks,
emotions flow.
a face turned crimson as anger flouds in,
emotions run wild.
peacefulness is pooured down while lying under the stars,
emotions are at ease.
the first child is concieved,
emotions are stirred.
dancing joyously at a wedding reception,
emotions of happiness.
a smile that covers true feelings,
emotions are hidden.
the kiss of a first love,
emotions burst forth.
the death of a loved one,
emotions of pain.
a deep slumber is bestowed,
so emotions are stilled.

hope you enjoy, all comments are welcome, criticism as
well. whatever, good night all.