diary name
2001-09-30 04:16:49 (UTC)

sat. sept. 29 'festival'

rain? should i stay home? aw for petes sake...
go you twit!
Roses came and brought a fantasic spread for
lunch... started packing lunch at 6am!
gee wiz i am so lucky i have a friend like
roses... Smiling. made me day so much better...
sometimes i grow tired of shows... then roses comes
and kids show up... that makes all difference!
its not about the CASH! and all that crap...
its about the people... and getting home in one
piece when your half alseep! getting lost...
and low on gas... and up ahead is a gas station...
all the while your headed in the right direction home
after all... it all works out the way its soppose to...
i am tired... burning both ends is a quick way to get
sick... believe me... so off to the la la land for me.
p.s. i used my first johnny on the spot today with fresh
cut flowers inside along with a box of tissues!
turtle dove music festival is cool!