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2001-09-30 00:52:10 (UTC)

Saturday night - What would happen

Today I worked at school weekend courses and receive lots
of asks. If I receive more publications I can send them
at schools from Sunday to Monday.
I met Carol in beginning of evening. She was there without
her boyfriend. She said anything about friend Mel. I went
home because I was tired of trip at school. I would notice
she was in outside street in front my home. Things are
always different as we wish to be. Later almost eight night
I go to oustside street and didn't see her anymore. Almost
ten of saturday night I go to lonely streets of my home
town. I couldn't find her at house.
What would be a perfect saturday. I'd gone to school and
showed the books and some of them was received for teachers.
I go to home town and met Carol as I did. I said hallo.
I'd given a hug and ask what are happening with her. It
didn't happen.
Now I go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day.
I miss if other members of my diary org community are
doing well. If diary is helping their lifes to find
a place where sun still brights.
Sunday will be another iddle day as ever been.
Someday I'll be Saturday night I like that music since
I get a hippie leather bracelet to give Mel. She said
friday how would like any bracelet in her army because
she like those much. Things are never as we wanted to be.
May I had one to give Carol too. I saw her today not Mel.
I ever have been an Angel for them. I need to help them
in this worst times. One lost boyfriend even not a good
guy. The other ever feel lost not alone. And me what does mean happiness.

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