My piece of reality
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2003-02-26 00:53:46 (UTC)

how is it done??

how do you get someone off your mind?? how do u get over
someone u care more about than anything?? and best of all
how do you live without pain when u love someone with
everything you have but cant tell them?? i just dont
understand how life works sometimes. i have been
wholeheartedly in love with someone for quite a while now.
i would do anything in the world for him, give up anything
for him. he knows how much i care about him, but i dont
think it extends to the love portion. just the knowledge
that i care. i've never been this in love in my entire
life. i never knew it was possible. just being around him
makes me smile for hours. on the occasions when i get to
just lay in his arms and feel his fingers running thru my
hair, everything in the world is right. i've told him that
in my eyes everything about him is just right, from the
way he looks, to the way he acts, talks, just everything.
not perfect, just right. i've told him that i'll care
about him forever and he said hed always care for me
too....i just don't know if we're on the same page there
or not. so how do you go about telling someone that they
mean the world to you and that u love them without scaring
them away?? i know he cared for me at one point, i have
proof of that and thats what gives me the hope that its
possible for him to care for me that much again. we were
together for a little while but then he got confused again
and he still doesnt know what he wants. which is fine with
me. he knows i'll wait forever for him. i want him to keep
my heart. he has it in his hands and i dont ever want it
back. whether we're never together again, or are forever,
i want him to keep it. it hurts sometimes, and i cry and
wish things were different, but as long as he is in my
life, it all makes sense again.
i dont know where all this rambling is leading, probably
to nowhere, but i just needed to get all that out so that
i can look back and see what a complete moron i am i

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