my manic world
2001-02-27 04:30:36 (UTC)

thank you katie for telling me..

thank you katie for telling me i am "famous". hehehe, that
was so sweet. yea, i got mad today, but it only lasted a
few minutes, i was so proud. i have decided to work really
hard to control these emotions. i can't let them take over
my mind and my life. it won't happen. since its "the cool
thing to do" hehehee, i thought i might let you guys read
a poem i wrote. hehehe. here it is, this one is from last
valentines, i was feeling especially bitter

Faux Love

a day of love,
of passion,
of caring.
a day of pink,
and presents.
a day of nonsense,
of unnecessary celebration.
valentines day,
a day of
mended hearts
and broken hearts.
a day for cupid and his arrows
(which would be better served if aimed at the head)
candy and kisses
all to celebrate love, to celebrate passion
but if love is true
shouldn't it be celebrated everyday?
if a relationship is great and strong
shouldn't it be passion-filler every night?
a day to waste money,
to shower affections,
a day to buy love,