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2001-09-30 03:25:20 (UTC)

two feedback entries that have..

two feedback entries that have been sent to me
by "sweetdolphinchic"

feedback number one::
You are really smart! Really smart! Have you been to
Australia? I want to. Well e-mail me back byebye

my response::
thanks for the compliments, they are nice things to say.
unfortunatly i don't feel really smart right now, for a
variety of reasons..have i been to australia? no. maybe one
day, i don't know.

feedback number two::
hey i like readin you diary entries they're very
intersesting ! when did u go to europe? How old are you?
well g2g byebye

my response::
thanks, i never really considered myself to be very
interesting, but if people enjoy readin' my online diary-
more power to them. i went to europe (spain and france) in
march 2001. i also went to france last year, if you care.
my age? that i will keep a secret, but people who usually
try to guess my age, end up guessing wrong.

that's it.