.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-09-30 02:56:17 (UTC)

one entry for one boy.

Im writing all about jarred on this one, cause hes all i
can seem to think of, forget clint for a moment, hes to
weird anyway, jarred, oh man, what a complexity, and alicai
knows it, alicia knows he hits on girls, cause he hits on
them in front of her, i guess its cuase alicia likes girls
too that she doesnt get upset, he was laying next to her
and i last nigth, it made me awkward, thought not entierly,
never the way i felt around em adn alyssa and marcus adn
craig, its different with theese kids, especialyl with
jarred and alicia, i think the main thing is, i dont feel
inferior and well, you know, around them, so its all good,
alicia and i are pals, i got her a heartcore bag today, her
and i are sauce. i wont write what im thinking, but yeah,
were all good, jarred, hmm, i WONT get myslef cought up in
him, no way... it will screw so many thigns up, but jease,
hes just so seccure, its scary.