Celestial Byways
2001-09-30 02:49:16 (UTC)

My Retarded Dreams

To Moi:

ok.. last night when I was talking to David I told him
about how my new poem is going to be like... because I
saw "You were once the blood that ran thru my viens but now
I bleed you"... anyways.. I was sleeping today.. and I get
another freaky dream with wrist split and Iam looking into
a mirror... which Iam concluding is Iam the one that ran
thru my viens.. which means I must have changed right? or
maybe there's big changes coming my way?

Ok.. so Iam fucking nuts... I mean.. Iam not a
suicidal person so it's not as if it's a personal poem.. I
try to be as cheerful as I can.. I mean.. Iam not peppy..
but Iam certainly not depressing... David.. if I let you
read this.. please don't think Iam strange... I mean.. my
dreams inspire me... hell. ok.. think Iam nuts.. I do.. *L*
Anyways.. That's all I have to write for now.. I'll be back
later for sure :)

-lil miss should be comitted to insane house-