keeping my hands in the air
2001-09-30 02:43:59 (UTC)


well...i just thought i'd write in here again...some new
ideas popped into my head and i thought i'd write them down
before i lose them again...lemme start over by explaining
the name change...i was confusedchickie, then i changed it
to topanga becuz, well, the guy i'm completely head over
heels over the fence homerun reach for the stars over the
moon in love with is named corey...he's the guy who was
havin the horny day that i wrote bout a few days ago...i'm
in love w/ him it's so unbelievable...there's just one
slight prob...he doesn't know that yet...i'm too scared to
tell him or say nething to him...i also watched some real
sappy movies tonite...the wedding singer, father of the
bride, and father of the bride II...yep, all great sappy
chick flick love stories that make me cry...i think the
sweetest song in the world is "growin old w/ u" by adam
sandler...made me a bit know i
know...i'm quite the romantic sap...but it's all
aight...neways...i realized something real important while
i was watchin these movies...that's exactly what i want...a
real true special love that's special for me and the
perfect guy...i'm very tempted to just make out w/ corey
just, well, u know...but then i realized i don't wanna hurt
him or myself over that and i want something really special
and true and pure...i know what ur prolly thinking...this
girl is crazy to think that everything could be perfect and
she is such a sap it makes me sick...oh maybe i
am and maybe i am just hoping for something that might not
happen...but i have hope, faith, and love and that's all
that matters pretty much...i'll just let God do the rest
and i know everything'll turn out just right...well that's
bout it...later for now!
love, peace, and chicken grease